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Join Us for Christmas

Experience the 12 days of Christmas, and celebrate the Incarnation (the coming in the Flesh) of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

24 Dec- Christmas Eve

10:00 AM Morning Prayer

11:00 AM Holy Communion

25 Dec- Christmas

11:00 AM Holy Communion

26 Dec- St. Stephen's Day

11:00 AM Holy Communion

27 Dec - Feast of St John

11:00 AM Holy Communion

28 Dec- The Holy Innocents

11:00 AM Holy Communion

Dec 31- 1st Sunday after Christmas

9:15 AM Lessons and Carols

11:00 AM Holy Communion

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Bishop's Visit

Join us for the annual visitation of Bishop Lerow to St. Stephen's at 9:15 AM. This service will include Confirmation and will be followed by a luncheon afterward.


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