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Baptism is the sacrament through which God through water imparts an inward spiritual Grace which regenerates us (born again) and allows us to join in the body of Christ in adoption as children of God.


We hold the biblical teaching that communion is partaking the body and blood of Christ (John  6).  We hold that this is a mystery but truth nonetheless.  It is through frequent communion that we are provided the Grace and power to progress in the spiritual life and full sanctification (growth towards being like Christ).


In confirmation, the baptized believer is sealed with the Holy Spirit to provide the fullness of mature life in Christ.  This is performed by the Bishop through the power granted by Christ to the apostles.  This sacrament allows children and infants who have previously been baptized full access to communion and also allows for believers from other Christian backgrounds to be full members of the Anglican Church.


We hold marriage to be the sacrament by which a man and woman are fully united together in Christ. Therefore it should be conducted in the church by a minister in accordance with Anglican Catholic doctrine.  Premarital counseling is provided by the priest.


The sacrament of confession or penance occurs in two ways in the church.  There is a general confession prior to every service where collectively all members in general confess their sins before God.  We also have private confession by appointment for those who desire independent guidance and penance.

Anointing the Sick-Unction

For those who are ill or those who are near death, we continue the sacrament of anointing with oil and praying for God's gift of healing for the believer both physically and spiritually.

Holy Orders

The Anglican Church can trace its origin to the Universal Christian Church prior to the great separation (schism) that divided the church in the medieval era.  We continue to have unbroken succession from the apostles along with our Orthodox and Roman Catholic brothers.  In accordance with this, ordination as a priest or deacon is accomplished by imparting the Holy Spirit upon those that have been called and proven.

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