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Why St. Stephen's?

There are many places to worship in our community, so why worship with us?  

-You are Episcopalian or Anglican and want to experience the continuation of traditional Anglican Worship.

-You are Protestant/Evangelical and want a service focused on devout worship and a life of prayer and sanctification.

-You want to experience historical worship that ties you to the early Church.

-Most of all, God is drawing you to Himself as He desires all to be saved and brought to communion with Him.

Common questions/thoughts

The Service

The services last around an hour and are structured with the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  If you have never been to a similar service, we understand that it can take a little bit of time to get accustomed to the liturgy.  Do not worry, as we would be pleased to assist you in any way necessary. Feel free to come to us with any questions you may have.  The service is focused on public prayer and the offering of Christ in Holy Communion. We have coffee hour afterwards in the undercroft, so please stay and fellowship with us.

Are we
Episcopalian or Roman Catholic?

We are similar to both traditions and are one of the 3 churches which traces itself directly to Universal Church of the early Middle Ages as well as to the early Church.  However, we are theologically conservative and are not part of the Anglican Communion or Church of England.  Likewise, although we hold many similar traditions and beliefs, we are distinct from our sister churches the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church.

What to expect?

Reverence.  We offer a peaceful, refined service that focuses on the glory of God.  We follow the traditional Church Kalendar, which means you get to walk through and share in the life of Christ throughout the year.  We have seasons of joy and penance and growth just like you, and we want to share with you about how God wants to share his life with you in all circumstances.

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